Digital Story: Teddi Dance for Love

The digital story I decided to tell was my experience with Teddi Dance for Love.  I chose to not only allow the story to focus on me, but also the other members of my team.  I wanted to show how this dance/fundraiser has an impact on the entire community.  I brought the flip cam with me to Teddi and I would constantly shoot footage of the dance.  When it came time to edit the video I wanted the video to show the different stages of the transformation that the dancers go through.  It began with an introduction of Teddi and the mission of the dance; the video then proceeded to introduce the team Teddi’s Angels.   It showed the excitement of the dancers in the beginning of the dance and it documented the dancers tiring out.  Gary Mervis’ speech at the end of the dance was used as narration to show the final moments of the dance.  His speech was moving and the video complemented his words.  Teddi Dance for Love is very close to my heart and every year reminds me what is important in life.



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