Brett Starr Vergara: Starr of the Show

For the Video Profile assignment, I chose to work with Brett Vergara and showcase his talent of singing.   Brett is a very talented singer and performer.  In order to do his talent justice,  I shot B-roll on my iPhone at a Measure 13 performance.  I used this B-roll when he was talking about Measure 13 and for the end to showcase his interaction with the group.  I taped all of this on my iPhone.  The quality is decent and it captures his talent as well as his interview well.  I edited this video in Final Cut Pro as opposed to iMovie.  I am not as familiar with iMovie and I know Final Cut Pro from my past Video Production class.  I used cross dissolves, credits, audio levels, and b-roll to make this video a success.  I asked him questions and edited my voice out in order to aid in the flow of the video. I hope my audience will use this piece to appreciate Brett’s talent as well as learn more about Brett.


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