Peer Review: Enhanced Commentary

A classmate of mine, Brett Vergara, responded to Sir Ken Robinson’s “Changing Educational Paradigms” with a video that not only expressed the points that Brett agreed with but also Brett’s personal opinions and stories.

Brett’s video does a good job of captivating me from the beginning.  He describes the chore of waking up early and memorizing information for exams to a tee.  Brett’s voice is dynamic and the pictures included in his presentation complement his delivery.  The facial expression depicted in his pictures flow with what he is saying.

Brett makes interesting points about education; my favorite point that he touched on was the importance of funding arts programs.   He reflected on his personal experience with arts programs and how influential they were to his education.  I agree that arts programs are overlooked and do need as much attention and funding.

Brett overall did a good job with his reflections.  For the purposes of this assignment, his technical elements were well done.  The only problem was towards the end when his picture disappeared and a white screen was displayed.  This was not at the fault of Brett; there was a technical mishap.  This assignment was well done and definitely completed the goals of the assignment.

To see Brett’s enhanced commentary,click here.


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