Podcast Response to “Changing Educational Paradigms”

This project was beneficial to my learning because I was able to work with garage band more in depth.  My goals for this project were to create a dynamic video/podcast.  I tried to inflect and make my response interesting to the listener.  I included background music in order to complement the podcast.  I adjusted the levels so the music would not overpower my voice.   Another goal I had was to effectively communicate my thoughts.  I used examples from my own education in order to support my views.   I used two photos in the video, a photo of me in the beginning and a photo of an SAT book.  I originally wanted to include many photographs but I thought it took away from the podcast feel so I took out most images and left the SAT book picture because it was brought up during a good checkpoint in the podcast.  I think that my podcast worked out well and conveyed my opinions on Sir Robinson’s video.  I hope that my viewers will take away an enhanced outlook on these topics from my examples.  My favorite piece of this project was the watching and listening to the video that Sir Robinson presented about the education system.  I think he brought up strong controversial points that helped to stir discussion within our class.  This is a topic I enjoy talking about so the ideas behind my podcast were not hard to think of.


2 thoughts on “Podcast Response to “Changing Educational Paradigms”

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