The classic ” about me” post.

Hello friends! 🙂

My name is Julie Moslow and I am a junior Communication/ Journalism major with a minor in Digital Cultures and Technologies at St. John Fisher College, with a strong interest in Public Relations! I love going for walks, everything fall, theatre, art, traveling, and being with my friends. I am a social media advocate and love everything twitter and facebook. I am super busy at school.  I’m either at a Student Government meeting, working with my school’s Marketing team,  giving a tour, volunteering at the Arthritis Foundation, or working on school.  I am currently enrolled in a Digital Media. Social Media class with Professor Sarachan.  I will be updating and keeping this blog for his class.  Some goals that I hope to accomplish in this class include: getting a better grasp for social media, how to promote Facebook sites to possible consumers, how to integrate all of my social media, and how to make myself visible online.  Besides my class goals, I have big dreams of attending Syracuse University for grad school.  Other than all of that, I take one day at a time and roll with the punches.


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